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ceramiche walter usai

In 1959 Elvio, Walter's father opens his laboratory, and with many sacrifices he begins his personal business, in which father and son still work together.


Before then, Efisio, Walter's grandfather and Elvio's father, did not have a fixed place in which to practice his profession and shared the laboratory with his brother, which is why Elvio had a lot of experience with his father, his life teacher to whom he was very close;


skilled potter, Elvio already mastered the famous Sardinian clay at an early age, with which he learned quickly and with great skill and speed to make ceramics, satisfying the many requests of "Strexiu" for families, in which scivedde, brogne were used daily for olives, water jugs, but also objects to decorate the house, such as flower vases, the beautiful jugs of the bride by Assemini, unique in their kind and with a shape that only an expert can shape.

ceramiche walter usai

Famous is the collaboration between Elvio Usai and Ubaldo Badas, who having noticed his mastery in the art of ceramics, commissions him to pieces that will arrive in the peninsula, in very important places such as museums, the Venice Biennale, and the rest is history.

anfora anulare valter usai
nuptial vase Walter Usai
ceramiche Walter Usai

The Usai workshop is the testimony of how many aspects of this artisan work have remained unchanged, full of exciting memories, and countless artifacts made over time, which tell the story of a family and love for their profession.

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