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brocca asseminese

Walter Usai's products are entirely handmade, in polychrome glazed ceramic in different shades of color.

The hands of the potter shape the clay each time in a slightly different way, depending on the inspiration and the various aspects concerning coloring and firing, making each product truly unique.

brocca della sposa
brocca della festa

Each object is unique in its kind, an aspect that characterizes and makes it even more precious thanks to its completely handmade creation and attention to every detail.

each of them.

circle vase
brocca asseminese

When firing ceramics, there are often surprises in terms of colors, the reaction of the "earths" fired gives variable results depending on the metals contained in it, giving even more uniqueness to these wonderful artifacts, giving the privilege to those who own it to have a unique product.

circle vase

Almost all the ceramics, on request, can be customized by choosing the color from a palette available to the customer, according to everyone's needs.

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