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  • Gallinella

    Synthesis of the Sardinian Lapwing, the “Arzola Hare”, Gallinella carries with it the meaning of this important symbol present on the island, not only in the precious ceramics but also in other plastic arts of the territory; it was in fact also depicted in the bread, which carries with it that rituality often present at the origin of many artifacts, linked to the fertility and fecundity of the earth, recounting that fundamental relationship that existed between man and nature; this auspicious symbol through its symbolic "power" would have been a good omen in all the important things in the life of man; gallinella continues to have this important meaning, to wish the person to whom it is given or simply to ourselves the best we can have.


    Product made entirely by hand in polychrome glazed ceramic in different shades of color.


    Photograph by NARENTE.


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